Posted by: Marisa | September 28, 2013

And Then They Were Two

The boys are two! And we’re still in-tact and fully functioning which is a hot damn miracle.

It’s totally cliche but I have no idea where the time has gone. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that it seems like yesterday the boys were nothing more than itty-bitty-blobs.


Then they were born and we spent copious amounts of time sitting around watching these strange, helpless, itty-bitty-blob-people get used to our world.


By the time they were a year old we had pretty much dropped the ‘itty-bitty’ piece but they were still wobbly and blobby.


But today, no matter how hard I look, I can’t find the blobby-ness anywhere. Instead, I see two mini-humans.


They do all kinds of human things

like communicate.

77g 77y 3h

They grunt, grumble, scream and use sign language to communicate. As you can see from the pictures above, they know how to sign egg, star, and bird but it doesn’t stop there. They know the signs for all of their foods including avocado, mango, grapes, meat, chicken, broccoli, carrot, berries, spaghetti, and peas. They can sign almost every animal sign, their manners, and the names of their friends and family members. And since no repertoire would be complete without them, they also know the signs for pee and poop.

They parrot everything we say which is fun when we’re trying to get them to say challenging things like ‘America’ or ‘mom wants daddy to buy her diamonds’. It’s a lot less fun when you say something you’d rather them not repeat.  A few weeks ago I walked into the kitchen just in time to see L sucking the toothpaste out of a tube  of Colgate. I shouted an expletive, ran over, and realized the cap was on. My bad. Of course he repeated the world that belonged to a sailor. I blamed Uncle Zach but the hubs knew better. Now I’ve been banned from all the good four letter words and have been instructed to supplement my vocabulary with words like ‘shoot’, ‘shucks’, or ‘gosh darn it’. Boring.

Speaking of communicating, they love to sing. They sing in the car, in the bath, while jumping on the couch, with food in their mouths,  while marching down the street, waiting at the doctors office, and playing on the playground. I can’t possibly imagine where they discovered how much fun singing at the top of your lungs can be but I for one love that they love it.

The Eat Like Almost-Humans

Have I told you that they use silverware now? It’s awesome because instead of having to clean six articles of kitchen-ware at the end of every meal I now have to clean ten. Ten?! Impossible, right? Nope, every meal includes two plates, two cups, two lids, two trays, four utensils. Actually, that’s twelve and it doesn’t include the child-size smock they wear and the entire kitchen floor which is free reign for all the undesirable food. Regardless, I’ve been told that learning to use silverware increases the odds that someone will want to marry them so I let ’em have it. It’s cute that they’re so ambitious.




That being said, the fastest way to shovel food in your face is still with your hands so they like to keep their food shoving skills sharp.


Speaking of meals the boys no longer eat in high chairs when we go out. The reason this is awesome is because the town we live in has mostly trendy little hole in the wall restaurants and so few of them ever had two high chairs that we got in the habit of bringing our own. What a freaking pain to drag two kids, two portable high chairs, and a diaper bag full of free food for the kids into a restaurant.

Now we just find a table and plop ourselves down. It works out great for everyone…



Except for L who can’t seem to keep his eye on the prize for long enough to realize that while he’s looking at that squirrel J is helping himself to the good stuff on his plate.

Body Parts

The  boys are learning their body parts. If it’s in the song ‘Head, shoulders, knees, and toes’ they can tell you where it is but if you ask them where their prefrontal cortex is, which I ask them a lot, they get confused. Since they’re struggling a bit with the basics we’ve decided to hold off on the med school applications.


Speaking of ears, they have a strange obsession with their ear-holes. One day we were playing on the living room floor and I noticed this florescent green sticker jammed in L’s ear. Don’t worry. After a lot of screaming, hog-tying, and tweezer usage we got it out but I’d rather it not happen again.



These kids When music is on, they’re dancing. J especially seems to have something inside him that makes him want to move his little body around to the beat. Sometimes it’s a slow dance where he sways back and forth with his arms up in the air, other times he spins in circles, and sometimes he does a little jump-kick-swing-pump thing. It’s so freaking cute.

3e 3d 3c 3b

Play Time

The boys love going to the playground and are becoming more confident when it comes to playing on equipment that’s higher and higher. L seems to be pretty fearless which almost caused me to have a heart attack when I saw him sitting at the top of this slide…


But he was all, ‘Mom, I’ve got this”.


So I was a lot less fearful when I saw J up there with him the next time.


Which turned out to be the wrong response because J got this far down the slide before he realized he didn’t want to go any farther. Sorry little man but it’s too late to go back now.



My favorite part about having twins is watching them interact. They’re so playful with each other and they’ve really hit an age where it’s feasible for me to leave them by themselves in a room to play.  I like to peek in on them and what I see always melts my heart…hugs at snack time…


Hanging out in a hidden corner of the house…


Studying the outside world…


And sharing late night snuggles when they don’t want to sleep alone.


Did I say that what I see when I peek in on the boys always melts my heart? I did and I hope you called my bluff. I was being delusional. What I meant to say is that sometimes I see things that make my heart melt. Other times I see my kids playing wizard staff with a wooden skewer.


But I think you get my point. Having two year old twin boys is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Happy Second Birthday J & L!

667 birthday pic blog ready 667 Crab Blog ready



  1. It really is hard to believe. Sigh…….

  2. Aw yay happy birthday!

  3. I love those boys almost as much as I love that badass crab cupcake.

    • Best cupcakes evah!

  4. Marisa, I could not get enough of your blog, had so much fun reading it. Thanks for keeping us updated, at least it makes you feel like you know them even though we are apart . Love to all of you!!

    • Hi Aunt Nan,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I understand what you’re saying about feeling like you know people from their blogs. I love reading my friends facebook/blog posts about their families!

      Thanks for reading.
      Love you,

  5. You are freaking hilarious and I am so glad that you were blessed/cursed with twins 😉

  6. Hi Marisa, We have been anxiously awaiting another posting – what a precious gift. I hope you know how much we thoroughly enjoy your humor, creativity and talent in the written word. Our little munchkins – – 2??? It seems like yesterday that we cradled them in our arms. Once again, thanks for bringing great smiles to our faces with your storytelling about your beautiful family. Love, Colleen

    • Hi Colleen, It definitely doesn’t feel like two years have gone by! They’ve kept us busy and I’m glad for all of the stories they’ve given us the opportunity to tell.

  7. P.S. Loved your creativity with the cupcakes!!!!!!

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