Posted by: Marisa | December 2, 2013

It’s Nothing a Trip to the ER and Some Stickers Can’t Fix

Good News. We finally  had a chance to take a tour of that fancy new Pediatric ER they built in our town. It’s a beauty. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to take a few more pictures of the state-of-the-art facility but it’s awkward to pull out your phone and ‘say cheese!’ when the doctors are asking if they can clean the blood off your kids face. Believe me, I was itching to document the moment.

It looked a little bit like this…


Only that bleeder was from the time J’bear ran  into a wall. This time he fell forward, and then back down, the stairs inside our house. So picture blood running from his nose, cheek, chin, and eye. Plus, there was a lot more screaming.

For comic relief L was standing at the top of the stairs shouting, “Jay-jay fell down. Go boom.” over and over. Then, because he didn’t know how else to get my attention, he started pulling towels out of the kitchen drawer and throwing them onto the counter tops. When he was bored and the drawers were empty he pulled a really, really, Costco big, bag of popcorn off the counter and dumped it all over the floor. I kept ignoring him and running around the kitchen packing the diaper bag that I’d need in order to take J’bear to the ER – diapers, wipes, milk, a six pack of apple sauce, some gum?, a bag of pretzels, and some dried fruit. Apparently I was overly worried that we’d be stuck at the ER all night and might somehow starve to death.

The whole time I was focused on J and that diaper bag but I wished I could have documented the sheer insanity that was happening because even in that moment there was something kind of funny about watching my house absolutely erupt into chaos before my eyes.

When J fell, I knew right away that we were going to the ER but the hubs was out of town on business which complicated the situation because I couldn’t figure out how to drag two children to the hospital during Witching Hour (5pm). I contemplated calling an ambulance but how does it work with kid #2? Would they have let him come along or would I have had to stay behind with him? I didn’t have time to think through all of that. I started calling friends and finally connected with Aunt Jamie who called Aunt Kelly for moral support, which is good because by the time they showed up I had packed J in the van and pretty much abandoned L in the house to fend for himself. Turns out he decided to pay me back by playing Mr. Tinkle Pants from the front door, through the hallway, into the kitchen, and onto that pile of popcorn he’d dumped on the floor. Welcome to the chaos Aunt Jamie and Aunt Kelly!

When we got to the hospital the doctors cleaned J up, checked out his head and face, told us that falling down the stairs and hitting your face is better than hitting the back of your head, and requested that we stay for three hours of observation.

J at hospital before stickers

Within twenty minutes J was trying to break out of his hospital room. Five minutes later he found a kid-sized race car in the play area and insisted on driving it around the halls of the hospital.  He quickly realized he could crawl under the hood of the race car and hide there. This little maneuver was exactly what he needed to draw the attention of every lady-nurse in the building who thought J was so adorable! Next thing I knew he was hanging out with his besties behind the nursing station which was kind of awkward for me because it was obvious that I was the third wheel and he was all mom let me hang out with these lovely ladies and stop crampin’ my style. 

Just as he and his ho’s were exchanging stickers the doctor came into the hallway and told me that, based on J’s energy level, he thought the kid was fine. I agreed. Plus, I was ready to get out of there. It’s awkward being in the ER with a kid who wants to run around, sing, and flirt while the other parents are worried about their really sick kids. 

I was finally able to corral him back in his room and we watched some TV while we waited for the discharge papers.

J at hospital after stickers

Peace out ER.




  1. Such a sad 😦 story!!!!!!!!!!Glad all ended well.

  2. Oh my God Marisa! Doesn’t it always happen when the husband isn’t around? Poor J, he really took a beating. Hope he’s doing okay.

  3. :((((( That’s not a fish skeleton it is me being very sad for poor old Jack and
    poor neglected Liam too.

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