Posted by: Marisa | April 30, 2014

Etch-a-Sketch A What?


The boys are quite the little explorers these days and together they’re learning about life and the world around them. We watch as they experience something, become curious, and look to each other to gain greater understanding. The ironic part is that when one kid turns to the other for answers or advice what they’re actually getting is feedback from someone who has absolutely nothing logical to contribute. But he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know so he presents a solution based on whatever it is he thinks makes sense.

We’re having more and more opportunities to eavesdrop into their completely illogical two year old conversations and it’s awesome.

The Dragon and the Potato Chip

Last week Liam came frantically running into the sun room shouting something that I couldn’t make out. Jack jumped up and focused on the doorway Liam had just come running through. Liam shouted, “The dragon is coming! We must hide!”

Jack responded, “Yah, throw potato chips!”

Liam, out of breath and spinning in circles, yelled “Push the baby giant into the puddle and tell his mama to go get him! Now Hiiidddeeee!”

Both boys then ran to the protection of the couch cushions where they hid for approximately six seconds before they realized their blocks were on the floor waiting to be played with.


Liam got himself worked into a tizzy last week. A tizzy, for those of you who can’t picture it, is a mini temper tantrum that happens while running full speed ahead. So Liam’s in a tizzy and comes barreling down the hall.

Jack steps in to figure things out and Liam lets out a grossed out whimper as he  shoves his finger towards Jack’s face. Jack replies, “Dat, dat’s a booger Neum”. Liam stops to look at it more closely.

Then Jack grabs Liam’s wrist and says, “Right, there” as he helps Liam wipe the booger on the front of his shirt.

I gag as the boys carry on down the hallway happy as two pigs in a pile.

Etch A Sketch What?!

I was cooking dinner and I overheard:

Etch A Sketch WPLiam (the one drawing): “See this Jackie?”

Jack (the one wearing no pants): “Yah.”

“This is you goin’ poop.”

“Yah, and I call Daddy.”

“And this is me doing cheers”, says Liam.

“Yah. Then mommy dumps it and I flush.”

“Yea. And this”, says Liam moving to a different area of the board, “Is a cow choking”.

“Moo!” shouts Jack and both kids laugh and start wrestling on the floor.





  1. As parents, you are both so fortunate to experience the wonderment and imagination in the ever evolving two-year old mind. And to boot, you are blessed with two great gremlins. Enjoy these precious little guys, who are a testament to the great parents you are. Please keep writing; we enjoy your stories immensely :o) Love, Colleen and John

  2. As they say, “out of the mouths of babes…” Their brotherly conversations are so funny and cute. Capture the moments. Eavesdropping on them must be priceless!

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