Posted by: Marisa | June 4, 2014

I NEED My Cat!!

Nap time today = total disaster.

Liam is screaming his freaking lungs raw. He’s fixated on his cat.

CatHe WANTS!!! this cat with an obsession that makes it apparent – being the cool mom and letting them play an extra hour past nap time is a decision that will end up coming back to bite me over and over this afternoon.

I start cursing the cat and doing my best to make the other 37 stuffed animals taking up real estate in Liam’s bed look way more fun than that dumb old cat.  It doesn’t work. Liam mutters something through sobs and tears that I can’t understand.

I can, however, understand Jack. He’s shouting, “Mama, he wants his cat!”

I leave the room, wide eyed and unsure of what the hell I’m supposed to do in this situation. I know you want your cat and, believe me, there is nothing I want more than for you to have your cat right now so you’ll stop crying and start sleeping. But I can’t find the effing cat. Anywhere. It’s not in the toy bins, on the beds, in the kitchen cabinets, or in the van.

So I quickly look through the house for a parting gift that I can offer the kid that might fool him into calming down. I go into their bedroom with a stuffed rabbit, feeling almost guilty for the rabbit I’m about to offer up as a sacrificial lamb.  It doesn’t work.


“Geez. I get it!” I yell at Liam. I want to pick the kid up by the armpits and GGAAAH!

As I’m walking out of the room Jack, who is having a grand old time watching this shit hit the fan, taunts, “Hey Neum, I’ve got your cat in my bed!” at which point Liam screams, “No you don’t it’s in thheee vvvaaannn!!!

Hate to break it to you kid, but it’s not in the van. That being said, the van sure is sounding quiet right about now. I tell Liam I’ll go check the van one more time. I’m pretty good at keeping my promises so I grab my shoes, my phone, a beverage, and the van keys and take a nice long field trip to the passengers seat.

A few bits later the boys were finally sleeping.


Well, Liam was sleeping. Jack…not so much.

Cat Jack




  1. Just keep telling yourself, “the terrible twos will be over in a few months”. J is so funny interpreting for you and telling L that the cat is in his (J’s) bed!!! Not so funny to you at that precise moment I’m sure! L just wore himself out with all his hysteria falling aslept covered up by all his other stuffed toys. Your days are never dull with those munchkins.

  2. Where was the cat?

    • I have no idea. It popped up the next day. Maybe at the babysitters house?

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