Posted by: Marisa | July 8, 2014

We Lose Our Children…A Lot

Do other people lose their children as often as we lose ours? Because I feel like at least once a week I’m running around the house playing where the hell are you?! with my kids.

It happens so often that I now have a routine I fall back on. First order of business – make sure they aren’t swimmin’ in the pond. Second – make sure they haven’t run into the street. Third – basement. Don’t want those buggers playing with the power tools. Finally I do a full sweep of the house. The whole time I’m alternating between shouting the missing kid’s name and bribing number two… “Go find your brother! I’ll give you a treat”.

There’s a lot of running involved and a lot of shouting. Because when one of my kids goes missing it either means that we need an ambulance or that something I worked really hard to own is about to be broken.

A few weeks ago the hubs and I were running through the standard we lost one checklist when we decided to divide and conquer. I took the downstairs and came up empty. After a full sweep of the house we still hadn’t found Liam so we swapped floors and the hubs went downstairs. He heard some crinkling coming from behind the couch that I must have missed and came face to face with this…

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