Posted by: Marisa | September 3, 2014

Last Minute Surprise

Spontaneity has never particularly bothered me. In fact, I typically err on the side of being too spontaneous. For example:

One time I quit my job and, because I had nothing better to do, hitched a ride to Disney World for an impromptu vacation with my biking friends and their families.

Another time I agreed to participate in a bike ride at the last minute without bothering to look up the race details. Turns out it was “One Hill of a 100 Mile Ride” after all.

Another time I was driving to Nashville with my friends and decided that instead of watching the Country Music Marathon from the sidelines I’d run it.

Last week we pulled the boys out of their current daycare situation for safety reasons and decided, twelve hours before school started for the year, that our kids needed to be enrolled in preschool. Yup, on Monday (a holiday) we reached out to a preschool that we toured a few months ago, found out they had two spots for the boys, and started scrambling to get things ready for school.

As much as I typically like spontaneity this last one was a doozie that I could have lived without. After a day of running around like chickens with our heads cut off to get applications completed, checks written, school supplies purchased, vaccination forms signed, clothes picked out and ironed, kids bathed, a second check written to cover what we missed the first time, and a second trip to the store to get the right backpacks the boys were finally asleep and we were ready to send them off for their first day of school!

The problem with being so last minute is that we didn’t have the answers to really basic questions. We had no idea what class the kids were gong to be in, who their teacher was going to be, what their schedule was going to be, how many other kids were going to be in their class, if we were supposed to pack blankets for nap time, if they boys were able to bring in one of their toys from home, what door we were supposed to use to drop the kids off and pick them up, or if we needed to feed them breakfast or if they ate breakfast at school.

As the hubs and I were flopping, exhausted, into bed we were feeling uncomfortable about not knowing whether we were supposed to feed the kids before school. It’s bad enough we’re the parents who wait until the last second. No need to be the parents who starve their kids too. I grabbed the computer and realized, as I scanned the schools website, that for some totally asinine reason the first day of school was ‘cookie exchange day’. #Worstideaever. Seriously, I said a few choice curse words and contemplated bringing in boxed cookies but had all kinds of emotional mommy drama over giving my kids boxed cookies as I abandoned them at all day preschool.

9:45 pm: Back out of bed, recipe selected, cookie dough started, no baking powder, trip to the grocery store, cookie recipe supposed to chill for an hour, ain’t no body got time for that, warm dough baked, cooled, a few raw-ish cookies thrown in garbage, remainder packaged. Back to bed. Sleep.

The next day, this happened:

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  1. It made me sad seeing them off to school already. Hope they had fun

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. You make magic happen every day for your precious boys. Thank you for sharing!

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